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Erin Norton

1st & 2nd grade General Studies Teacher

Hello, I am Erin Norton. I am the 1st and 2nd grade general studies teacher at Hillel Community Day School.

I am a Saint John Fisher University graduate with a degree in Inclusive Childhood Education with a concentration in psychology. Throughout my time at Saint John Fisher I learned from some of the best professors and classroom teachers in the Rochester area, which grew my deep love and passion for teaching.

As a teacher it is my goal to make a difference in as many students' lives as I possibly can. As a teacher I strive to foster a classroom that allows for all students to feel safe and welcome to learn, grow, explore, and build the foundations to become great learners.

Outside of the classroom, I have lived and learned in the Rochester area all my life. Throughout my schooling I enjoyed learning and playing all different types of sports. My very favorite sport growing up was diving. I was a competitive diver for 8 years of my life. My time in competitive athletics taught me to be driven, determined, hardworking and passionate, all of which translate greatly into the classroom setting. Additionally, I enjoy staying active, I love running, hiking, and yoga. I also love to travel and explore new places.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be a teacher for the Hillel Day School community.


Erin Norton
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