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Hillel Community Day School

191 Fairfield Drive

Rochester, NY 14620

585-271-6877 Phone | 585-473-8039 Fax

Hours of Operation


7:45am- 3:30pm (office open till 4:30 pm & ASC till 6:00 pm)

For early dismissal and holidays please refer to the calendar.

Head of School

Dr. Amittai Benami

585-271-6877 ext. 104

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Dean of the Students and Faculty

Mr. Scott Hoornbeck

585-271-6877 ext. 107

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Director of Institutional Advancement

Max Stwertka

585-271-6877 ext. 103

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Director of Community Engagement & Enrollment

Ms. Sherri Hellman

585-271-6877 ext. 185

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Director of Business Operations & Human Resources

Ms. Kari Zollweg

585-271-6877 ext. 112

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