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Mission & Philosophy

Hillel Community Day School partners with families to promote critical thinking, academic excellence and a love of learning for each child.  In service to the entire Jewish community, we inspire a meaningful connection to Jewish customs, values and Israel.

Statement of Purpose


Every Jewish child inherits our religion and rich culture. This inheritance can be acquired by learning and living traditional Judaism daily. For children, loving teachers and peers can help provide this opportunity. Hillel Community Day School serves as trustee, along with the home, to assure that every Jewish child in our community has full access to his or her inheritance.

As a Community Day School, Hillel serves the Rochester area as a school for both general and Judaic studies, with children coming from all segments of the Jewish community as we make every practical effort to accommodate individual needs of each child. We strive to develop a well-balanced Jewish individual, knowledgeable in and committed to the principles of Jewish living and those in our democratic society. We endeavor to preserve and enhance our people, our religion and our heritage through knowledge of nurturing-based experiences.


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