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Our tribute cards are the perfect way to commemorate a yahrzeit (in memory of a loved one), recognize a special occasion, wish someone a r'fuah sh'leima (speedy & complete recovery), a mazel tov, birthday, anniversary, or just honor someone. 

​Every purchase of a tribute card also helps to support Hillel Community Day School. 

Each tribute comes with: 

  • An acknowledgement card to you (upon request) 

  • A personalized card to the recipient (or their family) 

  • ​Public recognition in the weekly tribute section of our HCDS newsletter (optional)

Please call the school office to purchase tribute cards or for more details.


Select the card you would like to send from the options below, the amount of your donation

$18 (Regular)

$54 (Bronze)

$72 (Silver)

$180 (Gold) 

and add your personalized message and a card will be quickly sent on your behalf.  

Your donation will be eligible for a tax receipt. 

Would you like to receive an acknowledgment card in the mail?
Would you like to receive public recogniton in the Weekly Newsletter?

Thanks for submitting!


Abby F.

1st Grade


Ezra C.

2nd Grade


Maddie M.

3rd Grade


Eli F.

4th Grade


Rebecca H.

4th Grade


Soko H.

5th Grade

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