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Hillel School's Online Learning Portal


Access the portal at:

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]:

Why does Hillel now have an online learning portal?

Even though we are learning in-person this school year, if a child has to be absent or if schools close due to NYS recommendations for the coronavirus outbreak, Hillel wants to ensure that our one-of-a-kind, synchronous learning experience continues, even beyond our school walls for every Hillel student.


What is Moodle?

Moodle is an online course management system that is used worldwide, across all curriculum categories, by students from Universities and select K-12 educational systems. Each of your child's teachers has been building unique and personalized courses for your child to attend daily (during the school hours of 8:00 am - 3:30 pm).

Why Moodle?

While other schools are choosing to utilize multiple web-based, e-learning platforms to address school closings, we wanted to ensure that our teachers were able to customize their online courses and integrate their teaching methods in ways that are best for our students. As a small, community school, we are committed to ensuring that your child still gets the small-group and individual teacher interactions that our school offers students.


Because the system is web-based, encrypted, and built just for us and by us, it allows Hillel to offer a "one-stop" learning platform for our families.  This reduces the need for students and families to have to go to multiple websites or to remember more than one username/password combination. Our Moodle site allows children and families the ability to access class resources and learning activities from any computer, iPad, or electronic device with internet access.


Moodle also allows us to ensure that student interaction is limited to staff and students within our school community and further limited access to those enrolled in specific courses. Unlike Zoom or other web-conferencing platforms, access links cannot be shared.  Your child's online safety and privacy are very important to us.  Our new online learning site provides a secure internet environment for discussion, class or one-to-one teacher video conferencing, and the sharing of course materials and information.


How will my child use Moodle to learn?


Each Hillel student will receive their own unique log in information. Once students log in at home (using their home's wifi access), they will be able to see all of the unique courses that they are enrolled in.  In each of your child(ren)'s courses (General Studies, Judaic Studies, EnCores, and individual tutoring support/counseling), they will be able to access a specific and secure web conferencing browser for "real-time" instruction and one-to-one faculty conferencing. Students will also be able to engage in rich learning assignments, teacher and class discussion boards, polls, quizzes/tests, and their teacher's chosen daily and weekly activities.


What should our family do if we do not have WiFi or a computing device?


Spectrum is now offering 60 days of free internet access, without data caps or hidden fees, to students without access to wifi, as COVID-19 requires schools to switch to online learning. To enroll, call 1-844-488-8395.


Hillel School is providing Chromebooks to every student enrolled in our school.  You should have received an email notifying you of how to pick up "curbside" or to request one be delivered to your home.


How does my Chromebook connect to home WiFi?


Currently, all of our school Chromebooks are connected to our school's network.  When the Chromebooks are utilized at home, they will need to be connected to your family's WiFi network. On the bottom right of the computer screen, there is a WiFi signal icon that can be clicked on to pull up your network's WiFi settings.  By choosing your network, and possibly signing in with your family's WiFi password, your child will be able to connect their Chromebook to your WiFi network.


How does my child log into their school-issued Chromebook?


Students in grades 2 and up will generally remember how to log into their Chromebooks. Students in kindergarten and grade 1, may need more assistance. If the student does not know how to log in or does not know their password to log into their Chromebook, they can click on the “Browse as Guest” link on the bottom of the opening computer screen found when the Chromebook is turned on.  The students will then go to the Hillel Community Day School website (, where there will be a link to the "Online Learning  Platform".


How can my child access their unique courses in the online learning portal?


When your child logs into the online platform for the first time, they will need to accept the site's terms and use of cookies agreement. After this, that will not be asked again.  Once students log in to the online platform, their individual and unique, grade-level classes will be displayed on their homepage. 


After they log into each class, there will a prominent link to a course-specific virtual classroom, along with daily instructions, resources, and activities. 


I see that my child's daily learning schedule includes virtual class and one-on-one time.  How will my child access the virtual, synchronous classroom space?


When your child is in the correct classroom, and the virtual video conferencing link has been clicked, they will see a button that asks them to “Join Session.” As this link is clicked, a popup will appear asking if the student would like to join by microphone or listen only. 


At that point, students will need to click the microphone icon.  A separate popup may be displayed, asking for permission to access the computer’s microphone.  Please click allow.


Next, there will be an echo test that pops up.  Please click the thumbs up icon, if you can hear yourself talk when it is displayed.  Another pop-up will appear, asking permission to use the Chromebook's camera.  Students should click allow.  At the scheduled class or one-on-one meeting time, your child's teachers will be in the virtual classroom ready to meet.


How can I best support my child(ren)'s distance-learning experience?


Children thrive on consistency and look to the adults in their life to provide it. While the Hillel Community Day School building is closed, the school will still be in session with teachers holding class daily from Monday-Friday. The school day for all students will start at 8 am with a full school Morning Meeting-Teffilah session with our Judaic staff. Each child's unique daily schedule will help guide family's to ensure that children are engaged in the correct and appropriate daily classes and activities. For our younger students, there are purposefully built-in breaks, where students should decompress, read independently, grab a snack, or just engage in physical movement. 


Provide a quiet, distraction-free workspace for your child.


Please make sure your child has all of the supplies and completed coursework/homework that they will need each school day. A fun thing that students may enjoy creating is a sign for their new ‘office.’ Please help your child keep track of all of their materials in an organized fashion. Younger students will need some guidance on logging in to the system at the right times.


Please monitor your child’s use of their school-issued Chromebook.


Right now, we are using an exciting new platform, but we are asking that children not use the Chromebooks to do anything else besides coursework and homework.  It is important that Chromebooks are only used for school assignments. These Chromebooks should not be used for casual web browsing, online game playing (that has not been assigned), social media browsing and posting, streaming Netflix, etc... 


Children can log into their online learning classes outside of their daily class schedule if they would like to do any of their school assignments. 


Keep a consistent daily routine and remember that bedtimes are important.


While we realize that bedtimes may vary when school is physically closed, children should not be working on the Chromebooks or completing coursework/homework late at night. It is highly recommended that the Chromebooks have their own “bedtime,” where they can rest and recharge in a separate location for the next day. We expect the same of our children.  We want them to remain healthy and recharged for their upcoming learning.


What should I do if my child is unable to attend class due to scheduling or health-related issues?


Please let your children’s teachers know, via email,  if your children will be absent or not logging in to their classes that day.


We recognize that in addition to school being closed, many parents may have irregular schedules over the coming weeks. We understand the need for flexibility, but we strongly recommend having a consistent learning routine as much as possible.


What should our family do if we have a hard time accessing, using, or navigating the Online Learning Portal?


First, ensure that your child is using the Chrome browser to access the learning portal.  Other browsers, such as Safari and Firefox, can create issues with certain functions on the portal.  If your problems persist, or you have other questions, please contact our front office team, during school hours, at (585) 271-6877 or via email at


What should my child or I do if we are having questions about an assignment or learning activity?


You should reach out to your child's teacher(s), via their existing Hillel Community Day School email address.  They will work hard to ensure that they respond to you in a timely fashion.

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