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Financial Aid - FAQs

I’m worried that my family may not be able to afford private school and that we may not get enough financial scholarships.  What should I do?  

Apply through FACTS!  At Hillel, we work hard with families to make our tuition attainable, especially to families who desire a robust Jewish education for their child(ren).  FACTS, our confidential scholarship committee, and family input help to determine scholarship awards that bridge the gap between what families can reasonably afford and the set tuition rate.

If our combined income is over 80K, or even over 150K a year, can we still qualify for financial scholarships?  

Definitely!  If your combined family income is 200K or less, start with the Tiered Tuition in option 2.  This automatically lowers your tuition based on your income tax return.  If that number is still not affordable for your family, you may be able to get a lower tuition by applying through FACTS.  We encourage you to go through the process. Not only is your gross income considered, but the Scholarship Committee also considers your adjusted income based on your family’s current debt, expenses, and other unique family situations. The Scholarship Committee requests that your family include information that you feel may not be reflected in the numbers, to assist them in understanding the context of your family’s scholarship needs.

Who has access to my scholarship application materials and private income information?
FACTS is a 3rd party company that confidentially generates a report and recommendation for what a specific family may afford.  This confidential report goes to the Scholarship Committee.  Please note that no current employees or parents of the school serve on the Scholarship Committee.  Your personal financial information remains confidential throughout the process.

Are the Bingo shifts per enrolled student or per family?

Bingo shifts are per family.  Weather you have one enrolled student or multiple, it is considered a “family” shift. For example, if you have 3 enrolled students, you would volunteer for one monthly shift and receive the tuition reduction for all three children.  You would not have to work 3 shifts in order to receive this discount.

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