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Dan Irving

Ecology and Sustainability

My name is Dan Irving and I teach Jewish Ecology & Sustainability as well as Alliance of Jewish Day Schools. I am excited to be returning to continue all the work we started together last year and to build our garden to new heights. I came to Hillel School following a twenty-year career in Jewish camping. I ran summer camps, training and leading hundreds of staff and working with thousands of children. I also worked for Hillel International, here in Rochester. I have a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from SUNY Geneseo. I did independent field research in Cuba. My career has allowed me to travel to Israel many times. I remain fascinated by cultures, politics and the interaction between people and their environments. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my children, playing music, following politics and hiking and camping. I cannot wait to see you all, to welcome everyone back to the garden and to dig into all the amazing things we get to do and study. 


Dan Irving
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