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Max Stwertka

Director of Institutional Advancement

Max Stwertka is a development professional who helps non-profits maximize their fundraising impact by pushing organizations to be driven by two key factors, mission and data. Max believes that fundraising is all about driving an organizations mission forward and helping draw supporters closer while taking a modern approach do data management. 


Max has supported missions through development work at arts organizations around the country, currently he is working toward: "Hillel Community Day School partners with families to promote critical thinking, academic excellence and a love of learning for each child.  In service to the entire Jewish community, we inspire a meaningful connection to Jewish customs, values and Israel." with Hillel Community Day School. 


Max is trained in leadership and although is not a teaching at Hillel he maintains a passion for pedagogy from time spent teaching music composition, physics, and horseback riding. Max holds a MS from the Eastman School of Music as well as a BA and BS from Union College. 


When he is not fundraising for Hillel, Max can be found at Bristol Mountain volunteering as a ski patroller. 

585-271-6877 Ext 103

Max Stwertka
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