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Makaily Courtwright

School Support Specialist, Music Teacher, Encore Department Head

Hi there! My name is Makaily Courtwright and I will be teaching music again this year, along with taking on the new role of school support specialist/therapist! I am also thrilled to be taking on the role of Encore Department Head. In 2017, I graduated from Nazareth College with a degree in music therapy and worked as a music therapist (MT-BC) for four years before joining the Hillel School teacher team. In my spare time, you can catch me singing around the country with Nik and the Nice Guys and also the Bob Greco Band, writing my own music, playing with my lab Winston, hiking, reading, and cooking/baking. Oh, and Go Bills!!! I am enthusiastically counting down the days until we open the doors for another fun filled, education packed, exciting year of learning! 

585-271-6877 ext. 189

Makaily Courtwright
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