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​at Hillel

Meet Shai Pazi & Sheleg Rodnitzki 

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ShinShinim - a Hebrew acronym for "Shnat Sherut" or "Year of Service" - are the best and brightest of Israel's recent high school graduates who defer army service for one year to become emissaries in Jewish communities around the world. They volunteer, engage people of all ages with Israel, build connections with community members, and bring Israeli culture to life through educational lessons, presentations, arts and crafts, and music.
The ShinShinim serve as a living bridge between the Rochester community and Israel. Each one brings their own unique energy, love of Israel, and fresh views to our synagogues, schools, preschools, JCC, and other institutions, both inside and outside the Jewish world.

The Jewish Federation brings Israel to Rochester by welcoming a new cohort of ShinShinim each year.

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