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 Welcome to the 2020

Arts and Literature Fair 

This page is a compilation of art and library work by the hardworking students of Hillel Community Day School. Much of this work displayed here was completed by students through distance learning and shows their dedication to their education, creativity, and ability to persevere in challenging times. I am beyond proud of all of you. -Miss Brothers

*Due to Covid-19 not all of the student work from the year was able to be photographed for this exhibit.

K-3 Rainbows of Hope


Students learned about how public art is helping bring hope to people all over the world through the symbol of a rainbow. K-3 have been working on creating (and sharing!) Rainbows of Hope. They learned about the Torah story of Noah's Ark and how the rainbow is a symbol from G-d as a promise that he will never flood the world again. They also learned that people all over the world are now using G-d's symbol of the rainbow as a sign of hope that the corona virus will eventually end and that we are not alone, even if it feels like it. 


Since students were unable to help set up the art show in the school this year we decided to do it at home! Students learned about the roles a curator and exhibit designer play in creating an exhibit in a museum. Then students created their own mini museums at home.

K-3 &7 mini art museums


K Clay Doors

Students learned about a street artist and his mini clay doors that he hides around town. Students drew images on the door that show the magical worlds they lead to.

K Wild Things


In this project students learned about types of line, pattern making, overlapping shapes to create complicated forms, and wax resist painting. We read "Where the Wild Things Are" and learned all about how our emotions can sometimes take control of us.


K Collage Landscapes


Students learned about what a landscape is and how it has more nature than buildings. They also learned about what cute paper collages are. As a class we made a group landscape collage. Students then made their own individual landscapes.

*not pictured


K Cityscapes


This was our first distance learning adventure. Students had just finished landscape collages in class and had started learning about a cityscape. Students were aloud to draw or build their cityscape out of whatever they found in the house.


K color wheels


Students learned about all about color wheels and then found objects representing each color of the wheel around their homes.

Here is a link to the video we watched all about color!


K & 1 Value scales


Students learned about value scales and how colors can be lighter and darker. Then students went on an object hunt around the house to find objects of the same color but different values to put in order from dark to light.


1 MLK Bathroom Doors

For MLK day the first grade students learned about public art and murals and how they need to be designed for its planned location. 


1st Andy Goldsworthy


First grade had a great time learning about Andy Goldsworthy's work and that the impermanence of his work and the color patterns he creates helps make it beautiful. Students went around their homes looking for objects to create Goldsworthy inspired art.


1-3 Mandalas


Students learned about the art of Kathy Klein and the sand mandalas created by Tibetan monks. We talked about how the process of making a mandala is what is important because it can be used as away to meditate on a problem or challenge. We also analyzed Klein and the monks' work and saw that they used repeating patterns of shapes and colors in circles to create a visually interesting mandala.


1-3 Self Portraits


Students grades 1-3 started the school year with their colored pencil self portraits. Students learned about the proportions of the face and basic colored pencil techniques. 2ns and 3rd grade students also created backgrounds that show places and things that they love.

Dobby's Fight


This story was written, illustrated, and preformed by the 2nd graders in library class. The students learned about how a book is made beginning at idea development and ending with publishing and distribution.


2&3 Object Transformation


In this lesson students learned about artists Victor Nunes and Javier Perez. These artist create drawings that integrate objects as part of the image in ways the object was not originally intended. To see the presentation click the button below.


4 Animal Self-Portraits


In this unit students drew themselves as their spirit animals. They learned about the proportions of the face and played with integrating their faces onto the bodies of their chosen animals. We also focused on creating fully developed backgrounds using different colored pencil skills.


4 Survival Zentangles

In this unit students learned about positive and negative space, pattern, and creating balance in their work. Students chose an image of something they need to survive; including leisure activities.


4 PowerPoint Animal Tags


Students used PowerPoint to create tags to put on the clay animals they were creating in art class. These tags have research information about their clay Australian animal.


4 Jewish Women in STEAM

For this project students researched a Jewish woman in a STEAM career and wrote an essay on that woman. Students then illustrated these essays using PowerPoint techniques that they learned in the above project. These essays are now being translated into Hebrew and Arabic in a joint project with our sister schools in Israel. 


5&6 Partner Portraits


In this project students drew one half of a partner's face realistically with ebony pencil. On the other side of the portrait students used different objects to symbolize the features of their partner's face.


5&6 Dad Joke Comics


In this unit students learned what the process the comic book industry takes when creating its products. Students then went through the same steps to create their own cartoon. This project was done partially in school and partially at home due to COVID-19.


5&6 Personal Brandings Logos


In this unit students learned about personal branding and what is involved in creating a brand. Students analyzed different children influencers on social media to see what made them successful. Students then created their own brand and learned about creating a simple and eye-catching logo that represents it. Students used the website to create their logo.


5&6 Book Covers

In this lesson students spent time in library class writing short stories. Students then used to create the front covers of their books.


6 STEAM class


6th grade learned how to create a familiar game by using block coding.  Check out their programming skills. What is your high score?

Jason's coded game

5-8 Animated Pixel Art


In this lesson students learned about the history of video games and how they inspired the pixel art genre. Students then designed and created their own pixel art gif creations using

7&8 Partner Portraits


In this unit students drew a partner in the class. Then students interviewed their partner about their likes and dislikes and integrated them into the portrait. 


7&8 Pigment Experimentation

This is part one of a three part unit the seventh and eight grade students completed through distance learning. Students had to use found materials and experiment with creating pigments, tools to apply the pigments, and surfaces to put the pigments on.

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