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Admissions Documents
Admissions Requirements
Any child applying for admission to kindergarten in Hillel Community Day School shall meet the age criteria for admission that prevails in the Brighton Central School District. Children whose date of birth is within 40 days of this date may be considered for admission at the principal's discretion, subject to meeting any or all of the following additional requirements:


• For students who may not meet the Hillel Community Day School guidelines, a pre-admission test may be required, at the discretion of the principal.
• Submitting recommendations from the child's pre-school teachers, if applicable, and/or
consultation between appropriate Hillel Community Day School staff and the pre-school teachers.
• Interviews of the child and parent(s) by appropriate Hillel Community Day School staff


It is the responsibility of the Lower School Dean/Assistant Principal to evaluate this additional information, and determine if the child should be admitted to Hillel Community Day School.

Note: At this time the policy of the Brighton Central School Board is that a child must be 5 years old prior to December 1st of the school year in which he/she starts kindergarten in order to be considered for admission to kindergarten.

First through Eighth Grade Admission

Students in these grades are eligible for enrollment; based on a meeting and approval with the principal and appropriate teachers.

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